Ideas for Lighting Dining Room in A Sophisticated Way – Trending Chandelier Designs

Ideas for Lighting Dining Room in A Sophisticated Way - Trending Chandelier Designs

Ample lighting is essential in dining room since several activities unfold there. A combination of ambient and functional lighting makes the space look luxurious. The choice of light fixture and the intensity of light it emits make a huge difference to the ambience of the room. A well-lit dining room makes your dining experience pleasant and helps you relax after a long day. 

Chandeliers for dining room:

You don’t have to shy away from adding a dramatic touch to the room since it is often used after sunset. The best way to add drama is by installing a chandelier. Chandeliers are not anymore limited to traditional homes. There are several options available suiting every room style.

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Popular chandeliers for dining room:

After you calculate the ideal chandelier dimension for your dining room, start looking for chandeliers. The trending choices of chandeliers for dining room include:

  • Crystal chandelier: The beauty of this glimmering fancy chandelier turns any boring room into a work of art. The crystals used beautifully reflect and refract light causing the light to spread across the entire room in different patterns.
  • Elegant wave chandelier: This looks amazing even when not-lit. 
  • Round rustic chandelier: Ideal for farmhouse style and modern homes equipped with round dining tables.
  • Round linear chandelier: Beautifully complements rectangular-oval dining tables and are guaranteed to steal the show. It emits a sophisticated and luxurious vibe.
  • Rectangular bubble glass chandelier: Pump up the drama quotient in your dining room with this chandelier. It holds an aura of charm. Though assembling it can take quite a chunk of time, the end-result is totally worth it. 
  • Black chandelier: Don’t we all know that it is impossible to go wrong with black. Black ones are subtle, classy, stylish and are a huge hit among those who find chandeliers a bit too flashy.
  • Glass pendant: Pendant lights are subtle and throw a more casual vibe. Place a couple of them distanced few feet apart for ample illumination since their watt capacity is lower.
  • Sputnik pendant: This mid-century modern light fixture is ideal for tall dining rooms. It has several arms sticking out with the ends containing crystals or lights. There are several creative modifications in this style.
  • Drum chandelier: Drum chandeliers are elegant and simple and go well with modern dining rooms. Hang it at the right height so that there is sufficient ambient light illuminating the table area.

Considering adding dimmers to dining room lighting so that you can tone down the brightness to a warm, dim glow when you want to cozy up while leave it brighter when hosting guests. Make sure you purchase chandeliers from reputable manufacturers for best results.