Find The Perfect Solutions for the Fitness Solutions

Find The Perfect Solutions for the Fitness Solutions

The market for personal training can be a bit of a jungle to find your way around. This is partly due to the many coaches, what is offered and at what price. Therefore, it can also be difficult to assess what to expect, which is why this post intends to prepare you in the best possible way before investing in a personal trainer.

All coaches are different – try it out

There are many coaches with different backgrounds, training ideologies and tools.  The backgrounds can vary from the self-taught to the coach with a bachelor. Often, teachers have shorter and many educations that shape the person’s knowledge and interest, assess whether it is important to you what background your coach comes from. Some trainers find it more interesting to work with weight loss, others bodybuilding / aesthetics, others with rehabilitation and then there is everything in between. The different groups require different approaches and tools to support the client’s goals. From Ido Fishman you can have the best solutions.

This is what you can look for when choosing a personal trainer, where does the person seem most competent? Can the coach lead you to your goal?

You can check it out via the person’s website, Facebook or Instagram.

Test drive your trainer

Just as you test drive a car before you buy it, we also recommend that you also “test drive” a trainer. Most coaches offer free consultation. In person or by telephone. Some even a free workout. Use the time to find out if you have good chemistry and how interested the coach is in your specific goal and dream. Be curious and also ask the coach questions. That way, you will be more confident in the product you buy.


What is your goal and purpose? Should your training be about weight loss? Strength? Increased movement? Maybe you want to learn a special skill or get better at running? Some trainers are specialists in different areas of the training world. Find the one who has a lot of experience in relation to your goal. A good phrase to keep in mind is: “A coach, who is an expert in everything, is an expert in nothing”.